Collection: Aiya Designs

Sunny Aiya, the heart and brain behind everything you now see at Aiya Designs, hails from a family that has been in the jewelry business for generations. Our story began in 1886 when his grandfather started with precious stone trading. His father took it a step further by transitioning from colored gemstones to diamond cutting, thus enhancing his knowledge of loose stones. Sunny with a creative mind and passion for haute jewelry stepped into the family business of precious stones and began designing. His first pieces were the result of an innate talent for drawing and his fascination for precious metals and gemstones. He broke the boundaries of design producing widely acclaimed pieces, both in the bridal and fashion. Each piece was a design of excellence through a symbiosis of drawing and technique. Pia, his daughter, having learnt the craft of fine jewelry making through a tradition passed down from her father, grandfather, and great grandfather, brought in a scientific outlook, newer techniques and a millennial perspective to the business. Her love for nature celebrates jewelry as aggregating and synthesizing elements of symbolism and life experience showcasing the jewelry in a different light.